Voting for Admin Feature Requests (Ideas)

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Hello Canvas Admins!

As you may have seen, the voting period has opened for several of the feature requests.  One of the issues that has always faced the Admins, is our low numbers.  We have features out there that we want to see implemented, but we need to vote them up.  Here is a short list that is out there now:

I am sure that there are more that I missed.

Get out the vote!!!


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Hey  @Robbie_Grant ​

Great idea to help Canvas Admins leverage their voice in the feature voting process.  You should all be able to add tags to ideas.  Would you mind testing that theory please?  If you can add tags, I'll add a widget to the overview page of this group so you can see a handy list of posts people have tagged with canvas admin​

BTW; I'll go ahead and mark this answered as it isn't really an open question.

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