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"Sticky" changes to student's status in a course

We are encountering a problem where the official SIS data for students' status is not what we want it to be. It will likely be some time before we can change the underlying business logic that determines a student's status in the enrollement.csv. For this reason it is important to have an immediate way to change the status that will not be overridden by subsequent SIS feeds. However changing the status of students in the People tool in a course to Inactive is not ultimately working; the SIS feed is reverting the student's status back to the Active state. This is not too surprising - however there is a belief that this was not always the case (that is, changes made in the UI to student's status were "sticky" and not overridden). I would like to ask if there has been any change made to Canvas that would have affected this behavior (away from "sticky"). The more important question is if there is any way (e.g. with an underlying change to the configuration) to make UI changes sticky in this case. I will continue investigating this issue, but I appreciate any advice on this topic. Thanks in advance!

Michael Nardell

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