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I'm experimenting with Canvas Badges in a testing course and I'm having trouble with the trigger type.  I'm able to follow this guide.

But when I click the trigger type dropdown menu it only gives me one option (Complete Item).  How do I get other options?  Is it dependent on something else that I'm not doing in the course maybe?  There are some modules that have quizzes and others that don't.  I'd love to be able to at least make the completion of the quiz the trigger in some cases. Not just that they looked at the page that the quiz is on.

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Hi @jlhummel ,

In Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3, if you are still using the free version (like most of us), the only trigger option is Complete Item. And in this case the item is the module.

For example, here the setup view showing the module and complete item is the choice for the instructor course Growing with Canvas from Commons.

Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3 Badges setup screenCanvas Credentials LTI 1.3 Badges setup screen


Completing the module and earning it badge is good enough for now, but feels like a tease suggesting there are other options. There are other options, if you have the paid Credentials version. See 

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