Auto-adjusting Catalog program price when one of the courses has already been purchased

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We are wondering if there are pricing adjustments that take place when programs are purchased by students that have previously purchased a course in that program.  Here's the scenario:

Someone chose to purchase and enroll in one course that is also included in a program. They loved the course so much, they decided to take the rest of the courses contained within that “program”.

Would the system remember that they paid the course fee for the single course within that grouping and reduce the price or not charge for it again?  In addition to that, if the program offered a discount for all the courses, but in our scenario the person tried one and then went to enroll in the entire program, would the system know to adjust the cost accordingly?

If not, then, outside of preparing multiple types of discounts for the program to account for every possible enrollment scenario, are there any tips or practices you can share on managing pricing for situations like this?