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Bulk pricing/Enrollment for Courses

 Hello Community!

We are currently working on a series of courses that will be positioned for bulk purchasing by international Ministries of Education for their K12 Teachers. We are trying to think of a workflow that would allow teachers to enroll in the courses, bypassing the payment screen, and not having us manually enroll them (which could be 100s of teachers) and then having to manually send enrollment emails.  Any ideas would be great!

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You could use a promotion code to make the amount zero so it would keep accurate analytics about payment. Otherwise, make the listing for free and then they use their institution credentials to enroll.

Thanks! I would worry about the code being shared with people who it should not be shared with and then have everyone enrolling for free. Has anyone used Salesforce to help this process? 

Unfortunately, not.

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Could you create a sub-catalog for a specific ministry, that is not visible in the Parent Catalog? The ministry could pay for X amount of enrollments, then you would send them the link to their sub-catalog. Have the course set up to be free. Then you can verify the enrollments through the analytics. If more people sign up for the course than what the ministry paid for, then you can track down who was supposed to be in the course, and who wasn't. I'm not 100% sure how to go about it if more people sign up than what is supposed to. Maybe that is something that you can work with the specific ministries and figure out a plan with each individual ministry.