Can you archive a Catalog program/course?

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Looking to archive, not delete, Catalog courses that have already happened and have passed. We'd like to keep the information for reference but don't need to clog up the list of programs/courses we have. Is this doable?

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Hello @HannahDan  - good question. Late last year, Instructure rolled out a new offering for all Canvas LMS customers called Canvas Archiving powered by K16 Solutions. Canvas Archiving allows institutions to back up their data, control user access, and maintain a cleaner version of their Canvas instance. You can push individual, archived course content to the LMS and retrieve student data and submissions as needed. 

Many Canvas customers are already using this solution. Below are a couple of recent case studies and an attached infographic on this offering.

I hope that helps.

Jason Simmons, SVP, K16 Solutions

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