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Canvas Catalog Certificate Design

Hello Canvas Community -

I am working in our Canvas Catalog environments to design a custom HTML certificate. I am running in to an issue where the certificate looks one way on our Canvas Catalog BETA environment and a completely different way on our Canvas Catalog PROD environment.

The certificate HTML code is exactly the same in both environments and I'm using the latest update of my Firefox browser.

Has anyone else run in to this issue? I do have a Canvas case open, but wanted to ask the wider community for support as well. I've attached both versions of the PDF certificate.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We have never had this issue. Have you tried hosting the PDF template of the certificate on a server with Javascript and updating the information inside with the HTML?

Community Member

I noticed the font is different; do you have anything related to font in your html code?

Community Member

I have noticed that Canvas/Catalog will override a lot of custom fonts and replace them with fonts that they have deemed more readable/accessible.

I have been trying to simulate a "signature" on our certificates using the "Brush Script MT" font, but Catalog replaces it with Comic Sans (which is simultaneously amusing and frustrating). However, it does this to me on both the Beta and Production sites.

The only thing that has worked for me is inserting an image for a signature.