Canvas Catalog New Analytics does not display all user defined fields in the GUI

Community Contributor

In old analyticsIt old analytics, it was easy to look up the data in user defined fields for a learner, but now it is unnecessarily difficult. 

Catalog used to display all the user defined fields and their values in a single column. It was a bit ugly, but made it easy to look up a learner's data. We discovered that New Analytics only displays 20 user defined fields in the new GUI (after you use the button to expand the table), and you have no control over which fields it selects.

For quick data look ups, we now have to do all the filtering stuff, request a CSV, wait a while for it to be delivered to email, read the message, click the link to download the report, open the report and then search that document for the one user in question to find the information we're looking for. This feels like several steps backwards in terms of improving the Catalog admin's tool set.