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Can anyone tell me when and why the link to 'Canvas' changed to 'My Courses' in the drop-down menu underneath a user's name in Canvas Catalog? Not only did the link text change, but also the behavior. A user will no longer see their Canvas Dashboard card view.

I could not find any reference to this change in the Catalog Release Notes.

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hi @rsasso Catalog product manager here.

Apologies for the missing release notes, that's on us. In the last few weeks there were organisational changes within the company, and we are just getting back on track. I'll also write a blogpost about this, because this change is a part of a bigger project.

It was changed on February 26th, and it is part of the Instructure Cohesive Experience - Cross Product Flow Improvements. We learned that it usually takes 5 minutes for learners to go to Canvas to Catalog after their enrollment, and our goal is to get them to Canvas as soon as possible so they can start their courses. We did a thorough discovery to learn the pain points learners experience while getting from Catalog to Canvas - it was not straightforward to them what steps do they have to take (where to click/navigate) to start their courses. It also takes too many clicks for them. So we did some improvements - hence the changes. We've renamed 'Canvas' to 'My Courses' which now redirects them to the list of Courses within Canvas instead of their dashboard.

Also, we did some changes on the buttons and navigation after checkout/enrollment to lead them to Canvas right away, and only navigate them to the Catalog Student dashboard if that is absolutely needed - discovery also showed that students are can get confused with having two dashboards.

Sorry about the lack of notification on this change, we are doing our best in the future not to miss these.
Please don't hesitate to share your feedback about the change - e.g. is it important for you to point them to the Canvas dashboard card view? and so, why?

Thank you,

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