Catalog, Canvas, and a CRM walk into a bar together...

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...and want to know how to work together!

Pardon the corny subject line, just trying to get some guidance (and have a little fun at the same time).

Background: We're a brand new Instructure client in higher education, licensing both Canvas and Catalog to get our non-credit, continuing education programs up and running. Work will focus on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer initiatives. At the same time, we're also implementing a CRM to help manage prospect/learner information. 

Question: Wanted to speak to some institutions about how they utilize these products in conjunction with one another. We are not looking for the systems to integrate from a technical standpoint (but that would be nice), but we want to understand the workflows of the three products and ask how data is passed between the systems.

Any and all guidance is appreciated.

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