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Catalog Community - Share your thoughts!

Hey Catalog-ers! Welcome to the new community.

Some thoughts to get the conversations started

  1. tell us what you hope to get from the online community
    1. Instructure product interaction?
    2. Community best practice sharing?
    3. Roadmap and release notes?
    4. What else?
  2. Do you hope to have a lot of interaction, or want to come to a place where you primarily consume information?
  3. Would you seek out interaction with users in your same market (higer ed, k12, corp) or try to align more with similar initiatives (professional development, certificate programs, etc)?

Please help us build the best community by sharing your thoughts.


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I'll respond to your three main thoughts:

1)  Best practice sharing and product roadmaps would be very helpful for a community-based system.

2)  I'd vote for consume information - which ultimately means more curated answers to #1.  This answer is also relevant to guides and documentation.  This would be where I'd like to go to download PDF versions of the guides as well as a searchable resource for guide topics.

3)  Interactions with people doing similar initiatives would ultimately be more beneficial than demographic-based interactions.

I hope this helps you all define the purpose of this area of the community.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting the conversation started. I have had a hard time logging into the community, but I am here now!

As for a catalog community, I would love to connect with other higher education institutions. We have a lot of uncover as to how to use this product and we could benefit from sharing ideas with each other. As for our interaction with the Instructure folks, I would love to hear more about a roadmap and get product updates.


Hi Crystal,

Let me apologized once more for the difficulties you had in getting started!  Glad to see you in here and posting now.

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This is great feedback. I will find a way to post what we are working on now and what is coming up within this community site. Hopefully this will inspire some additional discussion about specific needs that will help us determine or validate that we are building the right thing.

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Hi Matt.

I'm interested in

  1. roadmap
  2. When we can get this integrated - 
  3. product release and best practices for those changes
  4. What gasellc​ said above
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How do I put a banner at the top of my syllabus page?

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Thanks for asking!

I am interested in:

1. Connecting with other K12 Catalog users to share best practices, use cases, and shared challenges/solutions. I definitely want to be part of the road map conversation. 

2. I want to come here to make connections I establish, but then follow-up with in other platforms/formats likely.

Any updates lately, based on this feedback?

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