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Catalog Subscriptions

Hi all! I am very new to Catalog and looking for help and/or recommendations.

We would like to offer all of our Catalog courses to individuals, schools, and districts using a subscription model (i.e. access for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year for $XX.00). All purchasers would have access to the same courses. Does anyone have experience with this? Would I create this as a program? If so, does that mean I would only have one listing? Do you know of any obstacles or logistics I need to be aware of? Any and all feedback is much appreciated. 

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Community Advocate

How many courses will there be? Will all of the courses be the same price? Is there a specific timeframe that the courses need to be completed by and with a start and end date and do they need to be completed in order? I am trying to get some context before I can try and help.

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Great questions! To start we will have about 20 courses and will continue to add (4-5) quarterly. The courses are 1-5 hours in length the price of the subscription will include access to all of them. Learners can enroll in as many or few as they choose during their subscription timeframe; they are asynchronous and self-paced. There is not a specific order and no begin and end dates. Thank you so much for helping with this. :smileyblush:

So, if you want to have the students enroll in many or few courses then I would recommend doing separate listings. If they do a program then it will be in the required order that you determine they take it in plus there are extra steps they need to take to enroll in each one and wait until the start date to take the next course. This way you can market X amount of specific courses in and description you can provide recommended courses they should take and provide the links to enroll.

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I had this exact same question  - I am just wondering if there is a mechanism to add a subscription model to Catalog. Right now we have to use work arounds with promotions, but would prefer to establish a subscription for all courses. 

Hi Richard. So, this is what I have tried and it seems to work.

Created a program, added the associated courses as requirements, and did not toggle on the "Students must complete requirements in the order shown below" button. I then set the "days to complete" to either 365,180, etc. This seems to be working when I go in as a student. The courses are not locked and can be taken/started in any order. 

Couple of things to note. The courses are self-paced without begin and end dates. This has not officially launched yet and I do need to do more testing to ensure it does and will work. 

I love to hear if anyone has thoughts on this. Smiley Happy