Catalog enrolment process + automated text

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Hi everyone,

I'm seeking your wisdom on a few Catalog aspects.

Question 1: Can the enrolment process be streamlined or bypassed in anyway?

The current Catalog enrolment process, is five (5) steps between finding a 'course' and getting to the Canvas site, and that's if you know how to get there.

e.g. (1) find course > (2) click enrol > (3) 2nd screen "enrol in program" > (4) enrolment confirmation with link to Catalog dashboard and Catalog.

  • What I don't understand is why do step (2) and (3) exist when they are the same step of 'enroling'? Can we skip a step?
  • I also don't understand why, step (4) links to Catalog dashboard and Catalog, but not Canvas dashboard or the subject the person just enroled into? 
  • It seems the only way for the student to get to the subject is to either go themselves to Canvas OR to 'know' to click 'go to Dashboard, and then follow 'Go to subject'. But this is not clear for new users.
  • Are we able to add custom links to this page and change the language at all? (e.g. "enroll" is a mispelling of 'enrol' in Australia)

This leads me to:

Question 2: can we over-ride Catalog's automated text and links?

For instance, could we add link to Canvas dashboard and Subject to step 4 screen?

Can we delete or change wording e.g. "self-paced" is not a relevant descriptor.


I would love to know any of your clever solutions.