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We've customized our catalog page quite a bit (in large thanks to this community.. you guys are awesome!) but we're running into an issue where our Login URL takes users to our college SSO login. (I guess this is default in Canvas). Our catalog will be used for non-domain users so we need the /login URL to redirect to Is it possible to customize this URL? Thanks in advance. Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

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 @william_trest ‌,

The only customizations to the login url in Catalog are to direct your user to a page after login. "<catalog_domain>/login?target_uri=/" would direct a user to the Catalog home page instead of the dashboard after login.

Catalog leverages whatever authentication you have in place in Canvas. If you have SAML as the default login method then your catalog users are going to be redirected to SAML to login to Canvas. Once the user is in Canvas, there is an OAuth workflow to log the Canvas user into Catalog. The workaround for this is to use a Discovery Page.

With a discovery page, all of your Canvas/Catalog users will be directed to select their authentication method before getting into Canvas (whether they are going through Catalog or not). This can be a minor disruption for your users, but shouldn't be too bad. For your institution, there would be a link to your SAML config (<canvas_domain>/login/saml) and another link to your Canvas login screen (<canvas_domain>/login/canvas). SAML users would click on the SAML link and be authenticated into Canvas/Catalog, and Canvas login users click the Canvas login link and login to Canvas. If they clicked the login button via Catalog, they will the be redirected to the Catalog target_uri (default is dashboard).

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