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it will be a good idea to show the total number of members in canvas who have enrolled for the particular course with names and demographics, as this group can interact in the future and collaborate with each others idea and thoughts.

also the modules should be accessible at least 12 months from the date of enrolment.  

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Hello @NikhilDeshpande 

That is a great point, fortunately Instructure provides functionality for just that:

  • "show the total number of members in canvas who have enrolled for the particular course"
    • This is available at the Course level, within "Settings" the total number of students is visible
    • This is also available as the "total_students" value from the Courses API 
  • "with names and demographics"
    • Demographics can be retrieved from the Catalog "User Registrations" (if they are new users, they will have completed your registration form). This data can easily be retrieved from Catalog User Analytics and joined with Canvas enrollments based on their common User ID
  • "should be accessible at least 12 months"
    • The course access (and further, Section access) can be set within the Course-level settings. Once that is set, it should apply to all students in the course

Also, it might be beneficial to have an Introductory discussion board where students can share their demographics with other students - as a former online student myself I saw this as a common practice & in my opinion it worked well 

P.S. for consideration - Returning students who register via Catalog do not have the opportunity to update any part of their "User Registration" (custom questions asked during registration) - a Canvas discussion board would afford them the chance to provide more updated/relevant details.

Kevin Hitt
USF Corporate Training & Professional Education

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