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Easy way to Duplicate Listings? Sections in Catalog?

Lets say I have 20 Excel trainings in the Fall that I want to put in Catalog (I want them to be visible all at once, so folks can pick the day/time that works best for their schedule). 

Do I have to create 20 separate courses in Canvas?  Or, can I create ONE "Excel" course with 20 different SECTIONS within it?  From what I have seen, sections work well for future enrollments (meaning, you created all of your trainings for Fall and you wouldn’t have to recreate them all from scratch again in the Spring).  But it doesn't look like it is going to work if I need 20 different listings all visible at once.

Please advise!  Is there an easier way to do this?

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

You cannot have multiple courses going at the same time if they are the same content for enrollment. If the 20 different sections have 20 different dates then that would work if they all have the same dates then you would need to create 20 different courses/listings. Does this make sense?

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That is my experience as well…different courses are needed.

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This is my experience also - we've had to create separate Canvas Courses for each of our Sections. While the content is almost identical, we needed a way to list dates separately & have individual Catalog listings. 

One workflow that might help you is possibly creating the 20 courses via SIS import. Depending on what you need this could cut some time down: Canvas SIS Import Documentation (keep in mind there is no similar option for Catalog listings)

Hope this can help & best of luck!