How to have courses appear as "Completed" in the student dashboard

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We're new to Catalog (I'll have to stop saying that one of these days), and have just had our first "session" of courses end. However, the courses appear in the student dashboard as "Not Completed". The subcatalog admin has talked to a couple of different Canvas Support agents, and here's what was suggested:

To fix this in future courses, each course must have a Module Requirement* which is completed by the student in order for the course to appear in the Catalog Dashboard as "Completed" after the course ends. It is not sufficient to have the course Ends date arrive, nor was concluding the students suggested.

Does this sound right? I know there is a lot of confusion surrounding how to get courses to show up correctly in transcripts. Does anyone have best practices they can recommend?

Canvas Support is also suggesting that to retroactively fix the courses already complete, the following (too lazy to paraphrase all this):

"To retroactively fix prior courses, we recommended setting up a faux assignment. Then add this assignment to a module of wiht the requirment to "Score at least." Then you'll need to provide the appropriate score on the assignment. This way, you can quickly provide a score to those students so that the item is marked complete. This also will not require you to masquerade as the student to achieve those completions."

Any better suggestions on how to fix the already completed courses?

*In fact, right now it has to be two module requirements, due to an issue Engineering is looking into.