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Moving registrations in Catalog

I created a course in Catalog (& Canvas). I inadvertently assigned the course to the wrong Catalog. A person registered for the course. I noticed the revenue was showing under the (incorrect) revenue report and, of course, the wrong Catalog. I moved the listing to the correct Catalog. The original registration still appears in the (incorrect) Catalog. All new registrations are appearing under the correct Catalog report.

How can I move the original record from the incorrect catalog to the new catalog?

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I have had some similar questions about the Analytics in Catalog, so I reached out to the IT Support at Instructure. Their response applies to your question. I asked how to update the spelling of a student's name. Here is their reply.

"...reports and analytics in Catalog are logs, which are not considered live data and therefore not seen the updated name in Catalog. Technically if the student were to enroll in a new course after the name is correct, it would then show correct in Catalog for that specific enrollment. Technically Catalog is working as intended as there is no functionality built in place to update the mentioned data..."

I found this interesting. I was unaware that the reports & analytics were not intended to show live data.

Based on this information, I would say that you will not be able to move the registration to the correct Catalog.