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Catalog Release Notes (2018-04-30)

Catalog Release Notes (2018-04-30)

In this Catalog release, the Dashboard displays a Not Completed tab for expired courses. The student transcript includes a count for expired courses and expired course names display in the Not Completed section.

The release notes also include fixed bugs.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.

Updated Features



Not Completed Tab

The Dashboard displays a Not Completed tab for expired courses. This change separates expired courses from in-progress courses, clarifying which courses were not completed before the course end date.

Dashboard Not Completed Tab

Student Transcript

Not Completed Section

The student transcript has been updated to specify courses that have not been completed. The transcript summary includes a Not Completed course count, removing expired courses from the completed course count. Additionally, the transcript includes a section for Not Completed courses, which displays expired course enrollment start dates and course titles. Self-paced expired courses do not display an enrollment date.

Student Transcript_ Not Completed Sections

Fixed Bugs




In the Admin user menu, the Tab key only activates menu items when the menu is expanded.


The Full Description field can be accessed and read by screen readers.


The Tab key accesses the revenue report Export button.


Email Layout Header and Footer Customizations

Email layout HTML can be added to the header and footer sections independently. Previously, HTML was required in both the header and footer.


Email Notifications

Email notification subject lines are translated for catalog languages not set to English.

Waitlist Email Account Confirmation

In waitlist emails, only new Catalog users are asked to register for a Catalog account. Previously, the waitlist email included registration information regardless of whether the user already had a Catalog account.


German and Dutch Listing Dates

Dates display correctly for catalog languages set to German or Dutch.

Listing Description Underlined Text

Underlined text is saved in listing descriptions. Previously, underlined text would not be retained after the page was saved.

Swedish Currency Values

Swedish currency values display correctly for paid listings.

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