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Catalog Release Notes (2022-12-13)

Catalog Release Notes (2022-12-13)

In this Catalog release (December 13), users can pre-define opening and closing enrollment dates for listings.

Catalog release notes indicate features and updates that are currently available in the Catalog beta environment. These updates will be available in production environments on the date indicated by the release notes.

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New Features


Pre-defined Enrollment Dates

Users can pre-define opening and closing enrollment dates for listings. This update helps users prepare a listing in advance and pre-define a publication date when the listing will open for enrollment, without having to remember to manually open a listing for enrollment on the desired publication date.


The start and end enrollment dates can be set using a calendar selector. The start and end enrollment times can be set using the Time menu, which offers options in increments of 5-minutes.



Other Updates


  • Stripe integration supports itemized receipts. 


Change Log




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