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Catalog Release Notes (2024-04-22)

Catalog Release Notes (2024-04-22)

In this Catalog release (April 22), the User Defined Fields tab is updated to provide Catalog admins with additional features.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.


Updated Feature


User Defined Fields Tab


Beta Environment Availability


Production Environment Availability



The User Defined Fields feature is updated to improve the user experience. New features allow admins to add additional field options, more easily reorder user fields, and customize fields using a Rich Text Editor.




In the HTML Input Type menu, the select option allows admins to create an input type with multiple selection options. To add options, click the select link, then enter text in the Options field. Options can also be added using a CSV upload.




Admins can reorder questions from the User Defined Fields tab with the Move Options menu. This allows admins to change the question order without deleting and re-entering questions in the HTML input menu.




For all input type options, the Label field now includes a Rich Text Editor that allows admins to format text and add links to User Defined Fields.


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