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I have created a school group in the Canvas Commons.  I put all the classes up in the Commons which makes me the author.  Other teachers want to update the class in the Commons but I am the only one able to do this.  Can I add other teachers as an author?

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Hi @cynthia_madden ...

I *think* only one person can be the "author" or "owner" of a shared piece of content in Commons.  Someone else had a similar question recently, and I had suggested maybe setting up a generic Canvas account that is not tied to a specific person.  That way, this account could be used by more than one person just for the purpose of sharing specific content.  (I know that sharing user accounts isn't a great practice, but it might be a work-around for this situation.)  Then, people could log in with that account to update the content as needed.

Again...maybe not the most ideal solution, but thought I'd share my $0.02 ... for what it's worth.

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