Alphabetizing my courses in my Canvas Commons Group

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Is it possible to alphabetize my courses in my school-specific group in the Commons?  We have over 100 courses and the teachers are complaining that it is hard to find the course they need.

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I looked around and there is no sort capabilities that I could find.  I then did a quick look at the API documentation to see if there was any information on commons and I did not find any - I don't use API's, so there may be some documentation somewhere regarding canvas commons - something that could be used in a user written script that would do the sorting for you. - Or that you could add in a sort feature.  There are a few people on the forum that would know for sure.

I also did a search through the community and did not come up with anything.

I did find this page - The poster sure is not happy with the search mechanism in Canvas

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