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We would like to utilize Canvas for our student council election. We have assigned a group of students to facilitate the election process, such as creating the poll, managing the results, and displaying them to the students. We set them as teachers in that course so that they can manage the election details but remain students in their other courses. However, upon creating the course, we noticed that they have access to Commons, which they shouldn't have because we share our exams there. How can we prevent them from accessing Commons? Thank you!

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Community Coach

@Ser_James ...

As a Canvas admin, you might be able to create a custom role that is based on the "Student" role type, but then just enable enough permissions so that these students can do what they need to do within the course.  The "Student" role type wouldn't be able to see the "Commons" button on the global navigation bar.

Do you think that might work for your needs?

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