Adding TinyMCE plugins to Canvas RCE

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Hello Canvas Developers,

Our institution recently started using Canvas.  We are investigating adding the following TinyMCE plugins to Canvas RCE. 
- Insert Special Characters plugin
- Insert Font awesome icon plugin 
- Language selector plugin
I have been trying to add the TinyMCE Special Character plugin (charmap) to Canvas RCE through the global Javascript but that is not 100% successful. Plugin was loaded but that required re-initializing the already loaded editor with the plugin configurations.  Also the custom Canvas RCE plugins were not loaded after that. We are checking on other ways of adding these plugins to the RCE. 
Have any of you built an LTI tool to use these external plugins in Canvas RCE? I would like to explore more on this and it seems that is possible to add such tool,  using the Editor Button Replacement.
Would like to know whether any of you have added a similar feature at your institutions. Greatly appreciate your input!
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