Assessment Pull Including Rubric Data

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At SCC we, meaning the developer doing the work and me inducing scope creep, are working on a program that will pull required rubric data in phase I, and then quiz/survey data in phase II.   This is being done in .Net C#.  If you would be interested in this when we knock out a few kinks, please let me know.

Basically, we pull a provisioning report for our course data and term data.  Then we use an API call to offer a selection of terms and departments.   The departments are three letter pnuemonics.  Once a user selects the term desired and department they are given a list of courses.   The user is able to select all, sum, or one course listed.   This will bring a list of assignments available.   The user selects the assignment(s) they want to pull data from and that data is put into a CSV.   We have not finalized the format of the CSV file.  We are also struggling a bit with the pagination issue, but we will get there.

Let me know if this interests you, or if you have already done something like this.

Thanks, Community.

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