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LTI 1.3 Same resource link for all course item instances

I am developing an LTI 1.3, however for all my resource instances I get the same resourceLink, which has the context ID as an identifier. Why does this happen?


Defining the scope for my lti:


I am currently linking the LTI directly with the url:


After that, my lti resource is already part of my course, everything seems to be going well so far.


When entering the resource, I don't get information from the resource, like the name it was assigned in canvas, the id of my resourceLink is the same id of the context.


The real problem occurs now, if within my course I repeat these steps and add more resources from the same LTI, they will all have the same resourceLink, therefore, within my LTI I cannot differentiate the resource (Since all resourceLink IDs are the same) and therefore all the data within the LTI will be crossed between module item instances.