Bulk grading API - POST size limit?

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I'm writing something that uses the bulk grading API (Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation)  .

Basically, you use this API to submit a bunch of grades at once instead of one at a time via a POST.  I cannot find anywhere in the documentation where it gives any sort of advice about how MANY grades you can submit at once.  I'm familiar with the APIs that pull data out of Canvas where you continue to go back for more (usually 100 records at a time).  I get that.  However, this is different.  There don't seem to be any set limits.  The course that I'm using this for is going to have every student enrolled in it and I could be submitting grades for hundreds (or even a few thousand) at a time.  Has anyone used this API and run up against an upper limit?  It appears that there is no set POST size limit as far as HTTP standards are concerned, but that people can set limits on the server side.  I'm curious if Instructure has some sort of limit.  The last thing I want to do is to implement this and have it break once I have to submit grades for a large group.  It nice to have this bulk API, but I have no idea if it is made to support 50, 500 or 5000 grade submissions at a time.  Maybe I've missed where this is documented.

Thanks in advance!