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Canvas HTML Editor

Hi, I have a question about the HTML editor.

Up until recently if you were working in the HTML view of a page in Canvas and navigated away, say to a differing web browser tab, upon returning the cursor would always jump back to the top of the HTML (this seemed to happen regardless of web browser).

It was annoying but as long as you made a mental note of the line number not so much of an issue.

Recently, in the last few weeks this seems to have changed and you can navigate away and find your cursor in the same spot but, there now seems to be an issue if you type into the HTML, say start a new line to add a "<p></p>", it will jump you right down to the bottom.

It has made the HTML view unusable, for anything other than copy and pasting or adding text between existing tags. Again, this seems to happen regardless of web browser used.

> Has anyone else encountered this?

> Is this known about?

> If it is, is there likely to be a fix very soon?

> As an aside do we know why it is happening?

Thank you in advance.

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I encountered this the other day when I was trying to create a code snippet for someone else. I inserted a div element at the top of a block and got taken to the bottom before I could put in the closing div at the end of a block. It is very annoying. Changing the focus without warning is an accessibility issue.

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I'm also seeing very strange behaviour when attempting to insert a <p></p> around some sample text. It works fine with the Raw HTML Editor, but the Pretty HTML Editor messes up the content. In the attached video I typed '<p' to start to insert a paragraph tag.

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Yes!!!! I am experiencing the exact same thing, it is so counterproductive!!!

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Thank you for the video Matthew. The behaviour is exactly what I am experiencing. The only way around it for me seems to copying complete code into the window or typing between exiting tags.

Although, at first I thought it was only doing with any new code added outside of an existing tag, but it also seems to happen on nested tags? e.g. <p><strong></strong></p>.

Very odd, and as mentioned makes it pretty much unusable other than for very minor edits on pages with little content.

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Ok, I think Instructure have a fix for this that will get rolled out with the next release:

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OMG! This is very annoying. It seems to be refreshing the editor as you type, which is what places the focus to the bottom of the editor. If you're fast, you can get more than one character typed before it refreshes.

I'll be glad when a fix is employed.

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Yes I encounter this exact same issue when making amends in code.

Very annoying if you're using a text editor to pull code in from.