Canvas User Pronoun Selections via API GET/report?

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It would be helpful if Canvas user pronoun selections were made available via API or report (or even Canvas Data). We have a desire to get the pronoun selection data out of Canvas. 

If this already exists, I'll be happy to take any information on this, but I haven't found it in the API documentation, reports, or Canvas Data schema. Thanks.

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Even though it may not be documented, it looks like as long as the user has set their pronouns, then it will appear as part of the response when you use "Get users profile":

It appears that if the user hasn't set their pronouns yet, then it won't appear as key in the response when you use "Get user profile"

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@JamesSekcienski - thanks! I've been testing this out a bit, and I also see it in a "pronouns" field in /api/v1/users/:user_id - even though it, too, isn't documented.

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