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Hello, we have a project were we are trying to authenticate canvas users from an external site, once the canvas users are authenticated, they must remain on the external site and have access to our institution services.

So we are trying to do the following, students accesss our institution portal and then complete a custom login form.

Username and password are then sent to our institution canvas login page via php cURL, were we expect to capture the response.

But we are not getting the correct authentication, it seems that canvas login page blocks any attempt to login via cURL.

I wonder if perhaps someone has implemented something similar.

Best regards!

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Hi  @dlupianez ,

If it is something you look into again in future, one thing you may want to consider (or may help you start it up again) is to look at using Shibboleth. I will admit I have personally never set this up, however we do use it at work and that is how we integrate our authentication between Canvas and our internal systems.

Was this something you considered per chance? If not, at a very high level it uses LDAP as a back end, then you could provision accounts in your external tool (and then sync these to LDAP), then you could use Shibboleth with Canvas (and in fact any other tools you have) to enable Single-Sign-On. This would be a highly supported way of supporting SSO as you are looking for it and would make the same login available across any application you use that supports Shibboleth.

Thought I would throw it out there as an option, please let me know if you might like some more information.


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