Canvas instance for LTI App development

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Hey! I'm a university student, and I am developing an LTI app for my dissertation, (specifically, I need to send/receive quiz information to/from Canvas). For this, as my university obviously cannot give me free rein on their Canvas, I need to create a "dummy" instance, where I can set up modules, quizzes, etc, and use them to develop my app. 

From what I've seen, the Free For Teacher and Quick Start versions are not suitable for LTI development. The only other option I've seen is the Production Start setup, which seems overkill when all I need is a development environment, where I can get quiz information (MCQs specifically, so the questions, and the possible and correct answers) from Canvas, and then send back answers. 

Is there a simpler way to set something up? I'm able to host it myself, but configuring and running a production-grade instance would be a huge timesink, so if anyone has any info on a simpler way to do this, where I could find a disk image, or any tools for LTI development that wouldn't require creating a full Canvas instance, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

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