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I am brand new to the canvas api, but not apis.  This is not supposed to be hard, but I am stumped again.  I am trying to create a custom grade book column.  Here is the url I am trying to use on a POST

https://{my institution}{my course id}/custom_gradebook_columns


Here is the json I am posting

And here is my response from the api
    "errors": [
            "message""column is missing"
It almost is acting like I am trying to do a put and modify a custom column, but
I am not, I am doing a post.
Another thing is for this course on the grade book there is a grid, with the students
names in a column and then what looks like assignments in other columns. But when I
use the same url with a get all I get is an empty array. Is that because those
columns are not custom?
Thanks for reading this far.



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you must include the "column" key in the json, like this:

   "column": {
      "title": "StudentsEmployees",
      "read_only": true

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