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I need some help understanding the dates in our classes as it relates to integrating with the API.  I am not the programmer. I am the LMS admin.  But I need to understand how to set up the blueprints so that the dates will be correct in the new courses.

We have one blueprint per course, one for PSY101, PSC101, SOC101.  But we have classes that run both 8 and 16 weeks.  I have the start and end dates on the blueprint set to 8/17/20 to 12/20/20.  I have the due dates on assignments ranging from 8/17/20 to 10/11/20 because the majority of our classes run 8 weeks.

When the integration runs, it sets the dates all over the place on the 8 week classes. For instance, the first three weeks were set to the week 1 due date.  Week 4 and 5 to the week 1 due date. Week 6 to the Week 3 date. Week 7 to Week 4 and Week 8 to Week 5.

Can anyone give me any insight how to get this corrected?  We are loading middle 8 week classes in a week and don't want to have the headache we have now.

Thanks for your help.

Patty DiGiacobbe



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Did you get any help on this?  I'm using blueprints for courses that run 2 different lengths, like you mentioned.  We have modules set up for the full semester and we have modules set up for the half semester and then associate the blueprint with both versions of the courses, but I have had some problems with the modules for the half semester course.


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