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Deleting user from account


I am curious to know how other institutions are managing user accounts for teachers, students, observers who:

  • were enrolled but now are not (withdrawn)?
  • come back and are now reinstated?

I THINK I would like all withdrawn users to be deleted from our account but I believe this could cause an issue if the deleted user is reinstated in our SIS. I believe the user does not sync from Infinite Campus to Canvas because there is an error with this user already existing. So, how do I FULLY delete a user so that the SIS sync will reinstate those that might be needed?

Why am I interested? Georgia Cyber Academy is a completely virtual school and we keep enrollment numbers in the ballpark of 12,500 students. However, we have a healthy amount of students that realize virtual schooling is not for them and withdraw. This keeps our student account numbers high in our Canvas account. 

My need to keep things clean and tidy makes me want to explore options. Would love to hear how other institutions keep your user accounts clean and tidy!

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We haven't deleted student accounts at our school yet.  We continue to leave them in the system in case they enroll in future programs. I agree that overtime, this list definitely becomes a lot longer and it would be nice to clean it up some more.

We haven't used it yet, but we were investigating the suspend user account setting that was added for helping to manage some of our local/guest accounts: 

I would be interested to know how others are managing their user accounts and if anyone is currently using the suspend user account setting.