Developer: Using Canvas API/GraphQL to Detect Hidden Grades

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Issue 1: Currently, when an instructor hides a grade column, the Course Total no longer changes to reflect the hidden grade. However, both the current_score retrieved through the Enrollments API and the currentScore in the enrollments node of GraphQL does change to reflect the hidden grade.

Issue 2: There no longer appears to be a functioning muted flag in the Assignments API or assignmentsConnection node in GraphQL, so there is no way to detect hidden grades programmatically.

Why this is an issue:

We have an application that enables instructors to submit grades from Canvas to Banner. It has additional features that the native 'submit to Banner' app does not have- namely allowing instructors to include a 'Last Date of Attendance' for failing grades.

We use the current_score/current_grade as the grade to submit to Banner. Typically, this reflects the Course Total column in the grade book- unless there are hidden grades. We need to be able to flag hidden grade columns in our application to make sure that instructors are aware that grades are hidden and let them know that the score in the submission app is different from the Course Total.

Because there no longer appears to be a way to detect hidden grades in the API, we can't flag them for the instructors attention. It looks like the muted flag is true for all assignments currently, and the post_manually flag is set to false even if a column is hidden.