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Display assignment video on external site?


We have an external site connected to Canvas API. A large portion of our Canvas implementation is to create courses for past webinars. These courses simply have a video uploaded into an assignment with the webinar as an embedded media object and they're under their own Canvas sub-account. When a user enrolls in a past webinar in our external site, they have to log into Canvas and view the assignment to get to the video.

I'm wondering if I can streamline this process a bit for these webinars that are in their own sub-account. Instead of making the user go to Canvas, I would like to display the video from the assignment on our external site directly. Maybe in a modal or something, that part doesn't much matter. Anyone know if that's possible?

We will still use Canvas traditionally in the sense we still want our users to log in to access certain courses.

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Assuming that you have made the video available to anyone who has the URL, you can simply put the URL into your external site. For example, I was able to play the following video without being logged into either Canvas or my university account:

This is the URL to a video from my page:

The above Canvas course is publically accessible.