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Editor LTI Placement: Skip past embed link to frame launch presentation


My goal is to make an LTI the home page for a course

I am accomplishing this by adding the LTI to a page using the Editor placement, and making that page the home page for the course.

I am using the "frame" for launch_presentation_document_target in the editor LTI placement. (I have tried iframe, but it has issues, it won't do 100% height and leaves some ugly page headers I'd rather not see)

right now, frame looks like the image above. The word "embed" is shown as a link on a blank page. When I click the link, it loads exactly as I want it to, and it looks the same as a navigation LTI placement


My question: how do I get the "frame" launch presentation to show the frame without showing the link first? It just won't work if the first thing a student sees in the course is "Embed". I want them to see the LTI when they open a course.

Or is there another way to load an LTI as the home page?


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Hi, I can't see a way to do this outside of custom JavaScript to redirect to the LTI. See Idea and JS suggestion here:

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Thanks @tbularzik I proposed something similar years ago and was told that the editor placement was the way to go. I finally got around to trying it last week and it is UGLY!  I had hope that the frame launch presentation would do it, but it is just a link.

I don't think I can do the custom JS approach, I don't want to add JS to a client's install for this.

Hopefully we can get LTI as home page soon.

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That makes sense. Could you share what the raw HTML is if you click on HTML Editor on that page? Maybe there's something that can be adjusted there

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We have a few options, most of them use the iframe

the link is showing the frame launch presentation. Here is the html output


<p><a title="Embed" href="/courses/43/external_tools/retrieve?">Embed</a></p>