Enrollments API list order, recent change from sortable_name to ???

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Good Morning,

Basically forever, this particular API call would return users in order by their sortable name

However, within the last few days, this API call is now returning the users in a seemingly arbitrary order. The order is consistent among multiple calls to the API, as long as the population in the course is the same, the order of the students seems to always be the same, but in an unstructured order.

All of our applications that load enrollments were replying on this sort ordering, and now our applications are displaying the students in whatever order, highly disruptive to the teachers using our applications.  

Were there any changes to the Enrollments endpoint recently?   I didn't see any listed in the change log, (but if we were relying on an undocumented feature, that's not surprising).   If there was a change, and chance it could be reverted or an explicit sort added to the output?

If this was a planned change, do you have any suggestions for how we can make the API call and request the results in sortable order?   Is there an API query option to request a particular ordering to the results?

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We created a ticket about this on July 8 and we're still waiting for a reply.  When I hear back, I'll update this group.  

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