Error uploading file - With Amazon S3

Community Novice

I am trying to integrate AWS S3 for storing all course files. I have edited the files_store.yml for production to s3, then edited the amazon_s3.yml to include bucket name, access_key_id and secret_access_key. But when I try uploading a file, it just shows "Error uploading file".

Same thing happens on the development environment as well. I have tried looking for the error in the server log, but I can't seem to find any error there.

1. What can I do here?

2. Is there someway I can check, what the error actually is?

3. Or maybe someone can help me understand how the actual upload works in the app, as the code is massive.

Now the bucket being used, is also being used by another working app. So I know that there shouldn't be any error related to permissions or authorization with aws.

Any help appreciated.