For new LTI tool - XML or JSON? Which is preferred?

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I am setting up an integration for my LTI tool. And initially I was seting up test flows using a JSON configuration for an "LTI key" - per this article:

However, a colleague pointed out there's another way to set up an LTI tool via the "App Center that requires XML, not JSON (per article:

Can anyone clarify why there are two disparate flows that use different data serialization formats? Is it just to accommodate existing tools that have locked into one or the other already?

We would prefer internally to just use JSON. Are there particular cases why a XML configuration would be necessary instead? 




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Hi @DigVargasDye,

If you're creating a new LTI, which should use the current LTI 1.3 standard, you'd generally be providing JSON config, which would be pasted into a Canvas LTI Developer Key.  The eduappcenter only has LTI 1.1 compliant apps (as far as I know).  LTI 1.1 apps were configured by XML, but that standard is now deprecated and probably shouldn't be used for much going forward.

Hope this helps!


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