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Getting all student participation data via API


We here at Jefferson College are attempting to get all student participation data via the Canvas API.  As we understand, this is what Canvas considers participation:

(I don't think the image is uploading correctly, but it's this post here:

My question is, how do we obtain this information?   My best guess is that it's via the /v1/courses/{course_id}/analytics/users/{student_id}/activity API call.  When I test this in the Live API, however, it only returns two or three participation events.  I'm expecting at least 25 events for the students I am testing with.  
So my questions are: 
Is this the right API to obtain this data?
And is there any possible way to handle pagination with this API without coding it?  
We are trying to quickly test to see if all of the data is there.  We'd rather not code it to handle pagination via our Java app, only to have it not be the right data.  Is there any way to view the paginated data (via browser, postman, command line, etc)?  Even the per_page and page=? parameters don't seem to work on this particular API call.
Thanks for any help!
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