How and Where to host React for multiple partners

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Hi, friends. Excuse the noob question!

My background is front-end webdev, and I develop Canvas courses professionally for multiple organizations. I build on my local instance and then push the courses to the organization's Canvas instance, which they generally give me admin access to (though occasionally I need to develop courses using inline styling only or give their IT department the files.) 

I'm trying to use best practices, and while I have been using HTML/CSS/JS, I want to investigate using InstructureUI with React. I'm currently learning React, and the latest I have found suggests that I can't run React through Canvas, but rather need to host the apps somewhere. Is that accurate? If so, what would be the best practice when creating courses for multiple organizations? Would they need to have their own React host (assuming they are strict about their assets) or can I somehow compile into HTML/CSS/JS? 

Since my background is front-end, I may not understand advanced technical back-end jargon. 

Thanks in advance. 

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