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How do I move my data between canvas instances?

Specifically. I have a version of canvas running from July on a debian vm. It's running swell. I have about 20 of my courses in it and they are happy living in that instance. I also have a version of canvas running from 8 days ago (mid-September). I would like all of my content to be moved at once form the July instance to the September instance. I don't want to create 20+ course exports and do 20+ course imports.

I was thinking I could backup the database on the July instance and import it into the September instance. The challenge, of course, being that schema changes between the version of Canvas could cause issues. This could be worked around by upgrading the July version database to September's schema and then doing a pg_dump on the now September (old instance) and restoring it in the September (new instance).

Is it possible to do this or another form of a bulk export / import and get up and running quickly in the new environment?

Secondarily - is there a guide out there that describes, in detail, the process of:

1. Upgrading Canvas from one version to another?

2. Migrating database from one version to another.

All I have seen are, at best, outlines of the process. Often with commands that simply won't work as written.



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Hi @decuser 

I cannot answer your question directly, but the best channels for self hosted questions are the Mailing list and IRC channel found here,