How do I tell postman to reset a list of course IDs in a CSV file?

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Hi all,

I've got what I hope is a very simple task that I'm someone can set me toward the right direction. I have a list of 2K courses, I have a csv with their canvas course ids, and I'd like make Postman reset the content of each course.

Here's what I have in postman (it's in beta):postman.jpg

Here is my csv file, trying just a few at first:



Finally, here is what I have in the runner with my csv selected:postman_runner.jpg


I'm not sure what the missing piece. I've double-checked my bearer authorization and I know that's accurate. I don't think I'm giving postman enough information to parse the csv file. I defined the course_id as a variable... maybe I need to add something under parameters?

Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated, as I could use that information to apply to other API calls.


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Community Coach

Have you tried removing the colon from in front of course_id in the request URL?  Instead of {{:course_id}}, it should be {{course_id}}

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