How do you get added to the Canvas App Store and where are the docs?

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This seems like an obvious question so apologies if I've missed the documentation, but I can't figure out how one gets an app added to the Canvas App Store (i.e., the list of apps shown when you go to Admin > Settings > Apps). I've Googled it and scoured the canvas LTI docs but I can't find anything about Consumer Keys or Shared Secrets for apps either. 

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The Apps that show up in Canvas come from the Edu App Center and you can submit App there and then either have the just available to your local Canvas instance, or publicly (subject to approval by Instructure).

There's more details on how you manage the Apps that appear in Canvas on:

However at the moment the Edu App Center only supports LTI 1.1 tools (old standard) so if you've developed a LTI 1.3 tool (recommended these days), there doesn't seem to be a simple way to get it appearing in Edu App Center.

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