How to directly enumerate a discussion post's entry ID (URI fragment)?

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I am a Canvas Student user.  I submitted a support ticket with my institution, which was elevated to Canvas' support team, but unfortunately the ticket never received any response so I thought I'd try my luck here in the community forum.

My question is exactly as described in the subject above: how can we directly enumerate a discussion post's entry ID value (as in the URI fragment that navigates the viewer directly to — and focuses on — a specific post?

Currently, the method I'm using to obtain the full URI is by navigating to the parent thread, then filtering replies by my own user name, then copying the hyperlink address from the filter-generated "View in discussion" button that appears as part of the populated results.  This method is very roundabout and I'm hoping there is a more direct method to obtain the entry ID field data for a given post?

The use case is to promote better version control practices in a general sense, by minimizing the amount of "uncontrolled copies" of any particular post's content — facilitating centralization of each unique post to their respective publishing points — and encouraging the use of in-line links or embedding so that in the event of content revisions or updates, they need only be applied to the original source (and thus all downstream references are dynamically kept current).  Additionally, when engaging in course discussions that involve a greater volume of members and activity level, this can help streamline responses to duplicate peer inquiries, trim unnecessary expenditure of UX visual real-estate by eliminating further redundancy (which translates to less server resource waste), and finally improves overall navigability/readability (which trickles down to improved QoL/efficacy from the UX perspective).