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How to get my canvas user ID

I am trying to make a virtual assistant that can extract my grades or the info of my next assignment that's due, using Canvas API. But I cannot find the user ID. I know I have to access canvas class first but I don't know how to get the API_URL as well. 

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If you have the Canvas token that you generated you can navigate to the People page in any course where you are enrolled and if you hover over your entry you will see a URL of the form: https://:instance/courses/:coiurse_id/users/_user_id

Using the API you can do a GET of 



The "if" returned is your Canvas user_id.

In both cases, :instance is the URL of your Canvas instance.

:course_id is the Canvas ID of a course. 

:user_id is a Canvas user ID.

Note that you can use "self" as the user-Id when you are making a query for yourself.

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