How to integrate Canvas

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I'm starting to add Canvas as an LMS integration to a project I'm developing and I have some questions that maybe anyone knows or has already faced.

The integration will allow teachers to create an assignment from/on our platform and students to do the assignment and automatically send the grade back.

I've read the documentation, some articles and some forum posts and from what I understood (maybe I'm wrong), there's 2 ways to do this:

* Get a developer key and use the API.

* Develop a LTI provider tool to be used from canvas.

On the first way, is there a way to test this with a free for teacher account? And I don't know if creating developer keys is too complicated for some people or even they don't have access. 

On the LTI provider way I saw that teachers must log into the platform from inside Canvas but how do students log in? Do I need to create an account for them?

Also if someone knows a good tutorial or article for any of both ways, that'd be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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