LTI Deep Linking "Editor Button" Placement for RCE on Open Source version (dev environment)

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I've set up the open source version of Canvas ( for development/testing purposes, by using the Quick Start guide (, which clearly states "The environment produced by this guide is lacking in several features (...)". While it is not specified, I assume one of these features not present in the quick start setup is the ability to add LTI Deep Linking with "Editor Button" placement on the Rich Content Editor (RCE) (

I have followed that guide and the one about Using Deep Linking to Select Resources ( and I've had no luck in having the LTI link appear in the "Tools" section of the RCE. As a sanity check, I attempted the same on the Free for Teachers version of Canvas ( and it worked, which means it really is an issue with the Quick Start setup.

I was wondering if anyone here knows which additional steps are needed after the Quick Start setup is complete, in order to have the RCE refresh with the LTI Button Placement. I followed the "Automated jobs" sections of the "Production Start" guide ( and while I got the background processes running, I still can't see the LTI link appear in the RCE Tools.

Maybe I need to set up the RCE API following this ( guide?



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So I decided to go through the RCE API setup which was not complex at all, though it did require some trial/error.

I followed the install guide here: but will simplify the steps to what eventually worked for me.

1. git clone

2. cd canvas-rce-api

3. docker-compose build

4. docker-compose up

If no changes have been made to the configuration files, AND you're running dory (, you should be able to open http://rce.docker in your browser.

If it loads OK you should see the following text in your browser "Hello, from RCE Service".

After that make sure your canvas-lms dynamic configuration file (config/dynamic_settings.yml) points to the right service by editing the following snippet in the yml file:


  app-host: "SOMEVALUE"


Then change "SOMEVALUE" to "http://rce.docker"

After that you can go into Canvas LMS on the browser and go through the setup process for the Editor Button placement on LTI apps.

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